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Giant Girl, aka Ronni Kane

Ronni's our star, a cheesecake champion who isn't in it for the fame or the glory, just to have a good time, see the world, keep her mind occupied and enjoy herself. She's larger than life on the outside but inside she feels very small, and we will ideally witness all of that dimension and more as the series unfolds. She can grow and shrink, as well as make other things grow and shrink on contact. More details about Ronni's life will come out over time, but she's a former superhero, a stuntwoman, a globetrotter and a treasure hunter.

64 Bit aka Stanley Hope

A freak accident granted Stanley, a former Game Pit manager the ability to physically transform into any video game character that he can think of, taking on their commensurate powers and abilities. He is Ronni's best friend and roommate, taking on various CGI jobs in Hollywood to save budget money, mostly in game commercials. He also works as a stuntman on occasion to pay the bills. He often accompanies Ronni on her adventures, though not always, and he resents being classified as the 'sassy gay friend' yet he seems to fulfill the role quite handily. Just don't call him a sidekick!

Badonkasaurous aka Kumiko Kanzaki

An experiment to repicate Gawrshzilla's DNA worked out horribly, as one might imagine, but in the ensuing lab accident the resultant creature (who did not survive the procedure) managed to blast one of the lab assistants working on the project with its nuclear breath while the DNA sequencer misfired at her, transforming her into Badonkasaurous, a reptilian hybrid pinup who is permanently 300 feet tall. After her rampage was stopped by Giant Girl, who was working as a consultant on the project, she was shipped off to Kaiju Atoll, where she lives quite dejectedly with the rest of the Mighty Rampaging Kaiju who, while amorous, are not exactly the best conversationalists. She hates Giant Girl with a passion due to the number of defeats that she has suffered at her hands, in addition to her jealousy that Giant Girl is still able to resume human size and lead something akin to a normal life, as well as the fact that she feels her accident disfigured her, leaving her with the trademark 'shelf' that led to her misnomer… also, coincidentally, coined by Ronni.

Pussycat Baby aka Evita Fuego

An entertainer slash dancer slash occultist slash catburglar slash movie actress slash fetish model slash… you get the idea, the list goes on. Long tails and ears to match, fuzzy leggings and a fanboy's dream, Pussycat Baby stars in a pay peekaboo website that stays in operation even when she is doing time, always collecting fans and income and fame. She is a thief, an opportunist and a cosplay enthusiast who will pretty much do anything for a buck. She is one of the villains whose fans sometimes stalk Ronni, hating her for opposing their 'Rebel Robin Hood, but with a better bod, right?'

Steam Punk Rock aka Simon Blaghoff

Riding one old trend and combining it with a newer one, a demented young inventor has decided that the worlds of Victorian mad science and the angry rebellious rock of the eighties must combine, and he will show the world just why both of these things are just so cool that they must embrace them. THEY MUST. Here's hoping he doesn't run into Disco Tony...