Issue 16 – Page 16

See, there are all of the skull caves around Kaiju Island, and I knew they had to serve a purpose. So I figured why not dark side caves? Someplace where you can go in and confront your darker nature, confront your fears, confront your hatreds. I love how this one looks- kinda Castle Greyskull but huge, right?

Koen was happy to draw Badonkasaurus spanking Giant Girl to get her moving, and I was happy to have her dumped on her butt by Ronni with aplomb and cheer. First appearance of the Savage Land costume variant for Giant Girl! We figured why bother replacing her outfit if it is just getting torn up by her extended stay on the island. Plus, y'know, it looks sexy.

I love how blase Ronni is about the whole thing. Facing her fears isn't something she takes very seriously, because she figures she faces them every day. She's wrong, as she often is in such moments, but she'll be finding that out soon enough.

There are definitely darker versions of Ronni out there in the multiverse- Displace has hinted as much, and I've had a few ideas rattling around in my head as to what they might look like. But this is definitely our first use of the Dark Mirror Version trope, so... say hello to Veronica Kane, Ruler of All Reality.