Issue 16 – Page 21

We were going to cal him 'Octoking' then we found out there was already a character with that name. Then we decided to give him a longer more dramatic name, and lo and behold, no one had yet named anything Super Hentai Tentacle Octoking.

So, dibs on the name.

SHTO is about a thousand feet tall... ehhh, metric, wait a second... 300 meters tall give or take. That's where he likes to settle though his reach can extend considerably. More on that later.

For now, the travelogue.

Giant meteorite pushes through the shield like the slow blade that penetrates and still comes in screaming hot enough to vaporize the troops on the beach. Ronni is quite reasonably curious if this is a thing, and Badonkasaurus walks her through how the thing works, this thing the monsters do.

We had actually forgotten about Grargh. He was last seen in issue 6 hanging out with the gang, then... we forgot about him, so he ceased to exist. Then when I was logo mining the original page I spotted him again. Hey, Graargh!

Hey, I got a job for you. Go do what one does with a quivery alien meteorite.

Go poke it with a stick.

Go poke it with a stick so that you are the first thing it notices, and the first thing it destroys to announce it's intentions upon the earth.

All those tiny dead guys and mechs. To scale their bodies are like a quarter inch tall in scale to SHTO. I'm thinking there will be a few survivors, but for the most part these guys got wiped out brutally. Ugh. It's kinda chilling but somehow it kinda called for a military tragedy with the opportunity for our boy Super Hentai to show off just what a nasty piece of work he is already.

Kaiju firing line is kind of a dopey 'everybody get him' moment but it looks awfully cool. Koen really has those blasts and such worked out.

Giant monster fight is on.