Issue 16 – Page 26

Once again, a little inappropriate proximity to give the shippers something to work with, while Badonkasaurus reacts negatively. "Reptile rampage"- not the best nickname but an homage to the old giant monster video game within the giant monster video game issue.

As an author I do feel badly about the field of dead Dragoons, but that Octoking... kind of a jerk. One of my favorite little bits is Ralphzilla waking up in the middle of Ronni's speech and how that worked out with the word balloons. One of those moments where the art and text came together nicely.

I mentioned in the comments on previous pages that this issue is a turning point both for both GG and the book, and here we begin to see that begin to go into action. She's got a plan, with which she knows she is going to need help. Step one in that plan is to finally confront this thing with Kumiko and take direct action to settle it once and for all. Ronni assesses the situation, points out the facts, and even states clearly and plainly that she never wanted to be enemies with the 'Queen of the Kaiju'.

The extended hand of cooperation is there... now we wait til Monday.