Issue 16 – Page 34

A matter for monsters indeed.

This one was originally Koen's idea, and at first I rejected it. Then a few of my test audiences expected it so... well, here you go. Yes it is vore, probably not the sexy kind. After all it is usually not the rapey tentacle monster who gets eaten by someone far larger, but there you go. Welcome to the Giant Girlieverse.

Dunno if you can see at the bottom and top of panels 5 and 6 Octoking's little tiny screams running all the way across the panels, but they are there. I made a poor font choice and should have put it in a word balloon, but we live, we learn.

I love the shot of them wading ashore, but that big there was no way for anything to lend perspective to them but the camera angle. The expressions really carry this page- Koen's gift for expressive cartoonery shines through.

New vote incentive! Thanks for the support gang!