Deeds Not Words

I have to admit, this is a page I’m extremely proud of, because it marks a bit of a turning point for our erstwhile heroine. She’s been trying to help in this situation, trying not to go to overkill, trying to do the right thing. Now, as she holds up the ceiling, she watches what’s unfolding below in a very long second.

It’s a hero power. That long second where you review your life, career and recent events as you consider what you’re doing with your life, narrated by Admiral Action.

The flashbacks of Tokyo and Badonkasaurus. Stillwell, Oklahoma from her battle with Prom Queen, a gigantic footprint where the football field used to be, and great racks in the earth’s crust. Beverly Hills after her explosive escape from S8n’s School For Girls. Leonitas dying in her arms. Willfully and deliberately stopping the goblin war through genocide. Halder, live one moment, dead the next.

Admiral Action is one of the few authority figures Ronni listens to at all, which we’ll explain in the next issue, where we delve into how they met and how he helped shape Giant Girl’s career. But here, he’s just the voice in her head reminding her of her responsibility, in a flashback of devastation that has our girl’s distinctive flair written all over it.

Because in this moment, she finally commits. She cannot just stand outside every situation and wisecrack about it, reacting to it. There comes a point where you have to make that decision and commit to doing something heroic, because it needs to be done. She doesn’t know for sure what she’s doing, but she’s damn well going to try.

I think, IMHO, this might just be the best page Dee and I have produced yet. Also, for those of you old enough to remember… this might just have been Admiral Action and his fighting force in the 80’s.


This is absolutely one of my favorite pages so far. Lots of emotions and getting to draw the memories kind of claustrophobically pushing in on Ronni while they lead the eye through the page was a great challenge and a LOT of fun. I love Admiral Action, and look forward to drawing him more, and it was nice to revisit Leonitis’ death scene and draw is a LITTLE better. (At least, how I draw Ronni now, LOL)

We purposefully kept the shadows minimal in most of the flashbacks, save the one with the Admiral to visually separate them.



Issue 17 – Page 103