Young blood and the old guard

The five year jump was instituted primarily to facilitate the hiatus the book was on, then allowing for the publishing schedule to catch back up with the real world. But since I had it in play, I used it to advance plots I had going on in the background, including the Hero Family. I promise we’ll publish guides to who’s who with all of these groups.

The rest is checking in with the members of Danger Team 7, aside from Ronni, Stanley and Ali. Well, except for Transformus, who we covered with his new gig at Hero Towers. Yup, the Cosmonaut’s been using Displace to power her time machine experiments. We’ll get back to that.

Note that while the resident alien can win awards for his work, he gets no love from Broadway for his efforts.
After well over a year of drawing fantasy characters in organic or stone backgrounds, it’s been a real challenge reminding myself how to draw cities and technology. It’s never been a strength of mine, artistically, but it’s been fun to dust off those skills with a lot of giant robots.
<style=”text-align: left;>Also, the mandate with some of this stuff like our wee kid robot and Kolab Xenu, it was a LOT of fun to go a bit more bluntly cartoony.



Issue 17 – Page 142