Citadel of Frost

Arriving at the Frost Giant citadel, Ronni drops off the party, then prepares to toss the snowball of ogres and ice trolls she’s collected into orbit. At which point she considers.

Sure, it’s the expedient thing to do. Sure, they’re probably marauding slavering unreasoning evil creatures.

But they aren’t threatening the survival of all other sentient life on the planet, now are they?

In the ends, her conscience wins, and she goes for a 7-10 split down the ravine. Still working on coming to grips with life and death here.


This is a page that we created largely in the story editing process and is a great example of how Sabrina and I collaborate. Much of this sequence was worked out in back and forth conversation where we decided to SHOW a bit of Ronni’s thought process here through her expressions.

It’s also the page with the most photo reference, where I used reference for Ronni’s bowling pose AND her pensive profile in panel 6. I have been having issues with Ronni’s face in profile and haven’t felt happy with almost any of them up until now, with few exceptions.

I’m really glad Sabrina nudged me to seek out some assistance in nailing the panel, because the result speaks for themselves, I believe. 🙂


Issue 17 – Page 75