Wave of my hand

At this point, Lexii’s hero worship has bulldozed into Ronni’s imposter syndrome, and we’re about to find out why. The little bit of Lexii asking if she’d done something wrong was an addition from Dee that felt too authentic to omit, because I think we’ve all been there. Some surprising honesty from Ronni sets the stage here, slowing things down a bit for that stark silhouetted panel.

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This page was all about the expressions, and we went back and forth on them a FEW times before we were both happy with them. With Lexii, there has been a lot of fun had with her lust for Ronni, but here we REALLY get to see that for the pixie, there’s a lot more than just that. She sees Ronni in a way that Ronni herself has a hard time seeing, and it was important to capture both the sincerity of Lexii’s absolute admiration and Ronni’s emotional vulnerability.

The way I see it, getting small has really made Ronni FEEL small again, which is why I wanted to keep the ‘camera’ looking down on her for most of this scene, with the exception of panel 5. Of course, in that panel we’re looking up at her, but Lexii is almost filling her background. It’s all purposefully claustrophobic so that, hopefully, the tension Ronni is feeling comes across.



Issue 17 – Page 95