You got the touch! You got the powaaaaah

In the direction for this page, I asked Dee to insure that as the Lamptern of the Ages opens, it transforms. It always bugged me that the Matrix of Leadership, which opens up not unlike this device, by two side-mounted handles, just… came apart.

That was it’s big thing. It came apart.

Why would it not… transform?

Neither here nor there for this page, of course, save that as Dee had handed me the design possibilities for what became our artifact here, I indicated that as it unleashed the entity inside, it would transform as it did so.


Also, I specifically asked for some classic P. Craig Russell magic sparkles and swirls here, and I feel I got exactly what I asked for. This very much has the appearance of an ancient and powerful entity being released from their prison.


I rarely break out of a standard grid for panel layouts, preferring the storytelling to be very clean and readable, but this page NEEDED something more extreme and dynamic, so the staggered lead ins hopefully help this have the epic reveal it needed. Plus, any excuse to do an extreme close-up of EYES, and I WILL take it. Heh heh.



Issue 17 – Page 98