The Plan, Revisited

I think this one speaks for itself. The narration from the page previous tells you all you need to know, and here, we see her walking the walk. Again, a lot of this just doesn’t play out well in webcomic storytelling format, and we know this. But read as a whole we think you’ll find it holds together very well.


I adore the concept of cycluar storytelling in this sense. Where beats from earlier repeat in ways that are thematically linked. The basic layout from page 77 (http://giantgirladventures.com/comic/issue-17-page-77/) is the same, except for the beginning and end of the page, but in what we changed, there is an entire span of Ronni’s life. Looking back on the original sequence, the differences are subtle but telling.

Where originally Ronni was sheepish and indecisive, here she stands tall with conviction. Where originally she knitted her brows with grim determination, here it’s a gentle smile and acceptance of her choice. As an artist, I adored the opportunity to show these differences visually.



Issue 17 – Page 152