Reality Strikes Back

I think Steampunk Rock, Edison & Wells, the Moai and the students at Satan’s School for Girls are the the only immediate GG villains that didn’t make the cut on this page, and that’s primarily because we wanted it to be a bit more of a showcase than a collage. With the crackling flames of the lamptern dividing the images, I’m very pleased with how this came out.

For you longtime fans, you will see echoes of this in conversations previous, such as issue 12 when she is explaining some of the hazards of the power to Little Big Girl, or issue 13 when S8N is monologuing as they descend into his lair. I know, working on getting those back issues in place- we nearly have it licked, we think, and the galleries with images should be up by the time this page sees print.

Basically, this is why Everybody Hates Giant Girl. It is literally reality trying to wipe her out because she is a thorn in its side. So while I will admit she’s definitely been treated poorly through the years, this is the reason why. Currently she is in another reality, with different rules, and she has had much less of a hard time here, you’ll note.

More on that to come. But as you may have gathered, we tell our tale slowly. So bear with us…


Welllll, another reason that the characters pictured are the ones we used for this WAS partially inspired by a very important storytelling metric: who I REALLY, REALLY wanted to draw. Lol

I’d done a Badonkasarus for a pin up on the PATREON but didn’t feel like I had done her proper justice yet, and she’s totally my favorite secondary character in the comic, so this was a fun opportunity to try and get her right.

Prom Queen has such a distorted, cartoony design that was a blast to try and find in my style, and I am really happy with how she and the rest came out.

This is another example of why this ‘100-page giant’ will probably be closer to 120 some-odd pages when it’s done, because this was SCRIPTED as the last panel of the previous page, and I pushed Sabrina for the opportunity to make it a splash page.



Issue 17 – Page 100