Tool User

Why was she carrying the great big axe she doesn’t really know how to fight with into the battle? Because it was there, and she figured it’s probably harder and sturdier than most if it was the frost giant ruler’s weapon. Ergo when she needs something for a stunt, here it is.

Meanwhile, a lover’s reunion between the widowed queen and the unquiet specter of her husband, with unfinished business in the land of the living. It’s nice how much he cares, right? Not creepy at all.


Part of my goal in these pages is to show the action flowing from character to character with shots like panel 3 here. There is a natural transition here from Ronni being pelted by giant rocks to show the others running into the fray, then to the interaction between the Jarl and our Frost Queen.

And yes, those runes around all of her spells CAN be translated. 😉



Issue 17 – Page 115