The Next Crisis

We start off with a Shirva lecture, which I kind of love. He takes time to make dramatic pronouncements like declaring the galaxy safe once more, while Ronni’s simple request for a high five invites a lecture on responsibility from the shining knight. I included this one to show a bit of the personality of both characters, as well as to establish that Ronni and authority seldom get along well.

The kiss on top of his head hopefully indicates she loves him anyway, and is genuinely grateful for his help. Ronni’s no ingrate, and she does love her friends and allies. Mostly.

Then of course we get the mystical portal of the Witch of Washington popping in, a format of magic we’ll see again much later in the book. But it was important for us to distinguish the different character’s effects and MO, and I really feel this hint of subtle menace and ominous presence sets the stage for who the Witch is and what role she serves in the story.

If you look closely, you can see the light from her fireplace reflected in her glasses. Dee threw that in intentionally, and she was right- it focuses your attention on her actual eyes. And the fact that Ronni’s danger sense alerts her is definitely a telling sign. Nice people don’t set off your danger sense.

Ronni’s comment about being a knight errant becomes a bit prophetic here, given what the Witch plans to ask her to do, which is essentially just that. Which of course Ronni doesn’t know yet, but as we know where she is going and why, it becomes ironic. Ah, the benefit of knowing how it will all work out as we reconstruct the beginning of the story. Also, for the record, I am aware it is ‘Knights-errant’ in the plural, and yes, Ronni is saying it incorrectly.

For the record, I know it’s probably a rule- never name the story inside the story. But as I looked over the dialogue I realized she’s done it before, and why would she not describe what she’s up to as a ‘Giant Girl adventure’?



There is a lot of hinting and foreshadowing happening here, for readers who know where the story is going. Ronni’s super-hero team up HERE is with a cosmic paladin in shiny armor that is lecturing her, which is familiar on purpose.

And we also show a bit of RONNI’s power source in her “danger sense” moment. Hopefully, these are details that are fun for those of you who have BEEN reading all along, and intriguing for our new readers.



Issue 17 – Page 003