Giant Girl

Veronica ‘Ronni’ Antoinette Kane
AKA Kane the Uncouth
AKA Kane the Titan

A third generation superhero, Ronni waited all her life for super powers that never showed up. Her grandfather Ralph Everest had been a hero in the sixties as Mount Everest, then again in the nineties as Mr. Big. Her mother Dakota Kane had inherited a version of the family powers as the Exaggerated Woman. But for Ronni, those powers never came.

So she found a way to empower herself.

Former secret agent for The Agency, former superheroine turned adventurer, she now finds herself trapped in a fantasy realm, quested by the Witch of Washington to aid an adventuring party in opposing an assortment of giants. Here, she is learning to embrace her power, and she is struggling with the morality of her actions. With the ability to grow as large or small as she likes, she has the power to effect change on an enormous scale- but at what cost?

Britomart the Paladin

The right hand of Vanu, Lord of Law and Light, Britomart was raised by the church to be a holy warrior. Reasonably humorless, she is nonetheless a good person who is ever striving to do the right thing BECAUSE it’s right. Bears the Godsword, a living manifestation of Vanu’s might on the material plane. Heavily armored in the gold plate mail of the Brotherhood of Law. Beautiful, chaste and virtuous, she clashes with Kane, whose ideals and flexible morality are an anathema to the literal straight arrow. Leader of the expedition to oppose the giants, at least when Kane listens to her.

Lexii of the Hartley Dale

A pixie who came along on the quest for mischief, and to follow the most magical being she has ever encountered- Kane the Titan. Over time, the magical forest dweller has grown quite close to Kane, and harbors feelings for her that she is not shy to express. Naturally invisible and small, she has learned to ride Giant Girl’s size changing to creatively change her own size, and loves being the constant companion of the giant girl in red. Her armor pieces and weapons are all organically grown.

Flynna Douglass

An elven rogue mage, with skills of stealth and burglary augmented by the ancient magicks of the elves. A swashbuckling adventurer with style and flair, Flynna was once male, and sought the magical cursed item to change her gender. She is carrying on a subtle romance with Halder, who is aware of but is unfazed by her origins, and appreciates her wit and competency. Smart, clever, observant and stylish, she wears no armor, relying on her speed, wits and magicks to protect her.

Halder the Unwilling

An assassin who chose to accompany the quest for the challenge to his skills, Halder is grim as one would expect from one who assassinates people for a living. However, he has a soft spot for Flynna, and while he does not express it in words, it is clear in his deeds that he has grown fond of the swashbuckler over the course of the quest. Fights with daggers and shortswords, wears light armor for speed and maneuverability.


A half-orc ranger who was kept as a slave by the giants, who threw him into a fire for entertainment. That rage now fuels his berserker fury against his sworn enemy- giantkind. He wields a two handed sword and is incredibly strong. He seldom if ever removes his custom heavy plate armor, and it is presumed that beneath his helmet he is hideously scarred. Tends to coordinate his battle efforts with the speedy R’lithon.

R’lithon, the Man-Spiga

A magical blending of man and spiga, a mythical and magical spider race, R’lithon was crafted to be a bodyguard for the wizard who created him. As that wizard died long ago of old age, he is now a freebooter, selling his skills to those who can pay. Easygoing, quick and light on his feet, possessed of six arms, each of which wields a different weapon type. With eight eyes, he is nearly impossible to surprise.

Karloff the Doomguide

A priest of the god of Death itself, Karloff knows when you will die, how you will die, and he will do his best to make that come to pass. If it isn’t your time, he will fight to his last breath to save you. If it is your time, he won’t lift a finger to help you. Has bones tattooed on his flesh with black all around them to simulate the look of the Reaper, and wears a mask made of an actual human skull. Wears no armor, as he has no fear of death… after all, he talks to her…

Dirk Swann, the Crimson Avenger

The Master Bard of Dunford, Agent of His Majesty the Imperial Overlord’s Secret Service. Swann is the everyman of the quest, who sees everything, makes the connections, and is constantly working to keep the party together and moving in a positive direction. He is in turns inspirational, counseling or even stepping in to warn off those who might act to imperil them all. The least powerful member of the party, he is conversely the most experienced and level-headed. He wears a chainmail hauberk to protect himself, and bears a magical 3-necked lute

Ali Kazaam

AKA Alexander Chesterfield

While his livelihood is working as a stage magician, Ali really does command powerful magicks, a byproduct of his birthright as a Chesterfield. The latest in a long line of witches, he works as a sometime superhero, mystic advisor and ‘friend with benefits’ to Veronica Kane. He accompanied her on her mission to Imperial Urth, where he fell in love with Britomart the Paladin, snubbing Ronni and creating considerable distance in their relationship. She still cares for him, but his rejection has stung her, and it is likely they will never be as close as they once were, or might have been.

Ali often uses snappy catchphrases for his spellcasting, such as his teleportation trick of saying “Now you see me, now…”, disappearing, and appearing at his destination with the words “…You don’t”. Somehow this usually fits into the conversation at hand.

Like magic.

Tharonn Leonitas, the Lion of Winter

The mighty barbarian lord hailing from the far reaches of Northland, he answered the call of the Scotts to do battle with opponents who would challenge even him. After a one night stand with Kane, he sacrificed himself to save Dirk Swann from a dark elf priestess in giant spider form. As per his dying wish, Ronni still wears his ring on her finger, which protects her from the cold. The question of whether or not she is pregnant with his child is still unknown, although as he lay dying he seemed pretty certain of it.

Harald O’Shea

A war wizard who is the illegitimate son of Lord Angus Scott, he was entrusted with powerful magical items and sent forth on the quest, only to die in the first encounter with the giants.

The Witch of Washington

AKA Morgan Chesterfield

An extradimensional witch who is an archmage specialized in information, the Witch maintains a holding on this plane in Seattle, as she tends to her various interests in this realm and others. In this reality, she is a sorceress without peer, and the lineage of power drawn from the shadow realms that empowers their family line flows through her to Ali Kazaam as well. A master manipulator, she often puppeteers events to bring about results that she deems favorable. Said events which can often go awry due to the free will of living beings.

Currently resides in an extradimensional creepy house she calls ‘Witching Hill’, from which she operates. Instructor at St. Rita’s Preparatory Academy, base of the Scholars of the Impossible.

64 Bit

AKA Stanley Hope 

A video game addict Game Pit manager who was struck by a freak bolt of lightning, Stanley gained the power to transform himself into any video game character he has ever played. He uses this ability primarily to bail Giant Girl out of scrapes as her wisecracking sassy sidekick. An easygoing slacker, he was the leader of Danger Team 2007.

Admiral Action

AKA Bradley Glenn Action

AKA Sergeant Action

AKA Lieutenant Action
AKA Captain Action

AKA Mr. Action

Born in the year 1900, Bradley Action fought in the trenches as a sergeant in WWI, as a lieutenant on a PT boat in WWII, before becoming an independent in the 1950s as he became known as Mr. Action, Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R.  Knowing his role in history, he worked with Japanese scientists to transform Action Atoll into a private think tank that produced scientific wonders through the seventies. He sponsored the Danger Team, recruiting and providing funding, in its many incarnations. One of those, Danger Team 2007, included Giant Girl, and she maintains a relationship with the Admiral to this day.

Slow-aging, long-lived and vital, he is an old soldier whose task is not yet complete, so he continues on. He apparently possesses at least some degree of future knowledge, although the Admiral is notorious for keeping secrets to himself. His security on the island is maintained by Albatross, who carries a torch for his boss that is unrequited. Admiral Action is a highly trained combatant in all forms of combat, and is in exceptional physical condition for a 120 year old man who appears to be in his early 60’s.


AKA Bob Piper

A being who is multidimensional by nature, Displace has been to many similar realities, and often confuses them. He is fond of Giant Girl, as she is one of the few in this reality to offer him actual friendship and seek him out to socialize with him. He often calls her by the wrong name, as he confuses her with alternate reality versions of her he has encountered. Displace can move in space at will, by accessing The Weird Zone, which also grants him access to the multiverse of alternate universe possibilities.

Currently held prisoner by the Crimson Cosmonaut, who is using him to power her experimental time machine.

The Crimson Cosmonaut

AKA Valentina Ruminkov

A literal relic of the cold war, an experimental test of a warp drive system in 1980 repulsed a F’tuvian attack fleet, but catapulted the Cosmonaut into an apocalyptic dark future where the Soviet Union has fallen, Chernobyl is a blight on the planet and American decadence has ruined the world. She lives on Krepost Odin, Fortress one- a base she has cobbled together from the crashed alien vessels, who are all devoid of crew after shunting 26 years forward in time. She has been a member of the Danger Team, working with Admiral Action to further her own ends to build a time machine in the hopes of returning to 1980, and set right what once went wrong.

She currently has Displace captive in her lab, and is attempting to figure out how to use him to power her time machine. It works, but she cannot seem to navigate the timestream… or perhaps it is Displace who is intentionally working against her.

The Crimson Cosmonaut possesses no innate super powers, but is a scientific genius with extensive knowledge of F’tuvian technology.

Mr. Big

AKA Ralph Everest

AKA Mount Everest

Adventuring in the 1960’s as ‘Mount Everest’, Ralph was a founding member of the Society of American Defenders along with the woman he’d marry, Figurine. When she vanished shortly after giving birth to their daughter Dakota, a sensational murder trial dragged on, with the court of public opinion leaning toward Ralph having killed her. He was acquitted and declared innocent, but the accusation haunted him for the rest of his days.

Figurine’s body was never found.

In the 90’s he reinvented himself as Mr. Big, changed his costume and tried to get on with his life, but the specter of his past haunted him, and he eventually went to prison for tax evasion, a situation likely organized by Simon King. A humbled and broken man, Ralph is nevertheless a brilliant scientist who created a serum that enabled him to grow to up to 96 feet tall, with a commensurate increase in strength.

He still pines for Antoinette, gone these many years… because the one thing of which he is absolutely positive, is that he did not kill his wife.

The Exaggerated Woman

AKA Dakota Kane

As an angry and abusive parent, she now has a distant and rocky relationship with her daughter, whom can no longer be bullied by the rage-driven mass of muscle known as the Exaggerated Woman. She adopted the name Kane presumably from Veronica’s father, whose identity she has kept a closely-held secret, assuming she knows the answer herself.


AKA Antoinette Everest

Not much is known of the enigmatic Figurine, save that she could shrink to microscopic size, and perhaps beyond. She was a loving and devoted wife to Ralph Everest, beloved by her teammates in the Society of American Defenders, and her disappearance led to a sensational murder trial that destroyed her husband. Her story will be told, though…

The Agency

Agents Smith, Jones and Man

The ‘government types’ who show up in black suits and sunglasses, The Agency has been around longer than most people know, and will be here apparently a lot longer than anyone expects. The specialists who deal with weird science, alien technologies, mystic happenings and zombie outbreaks, these three and others work to keep the world from self-destructing on a regular basis. At one point Veronica Kane was trained by and worked for The Agency, but split from them when she became empowered as Giant Girl.

No powers are known to be amongst the Agents, although they do employ numerous high-tech devices in the pursuit of their duties of ‘keeping the intergalactic peace’.


AKA Kumiko Kanzaki

A former scientist for the Genetech Corporation, Kumiko was unfortunate enough to be involved in a lab accident attempting to splice Ralphzilla DNA into a monitor lizard. With Giant Girl on hand, as the experiment went awry, it transformed Kumiko into a 250 foot tall reptilian kaiju, with a tail that has a mind of its own. And a rather prodigious posterior, which led to Giant Girl’s naming of her.

Kumiko’s still a bit sore about the name ‘Badonkasaurus’.

Initially blaming Giant Girl for her misfortune, over time Kumiko has come to accept that Giant Girl was not responsible for her plight, and that her unreasoning hatred of her arch-rival may have been misplaced. Recently the two have worked together to face a common foe, the dread Super Hentai tentacle Octoking, and upon his defeat, she married King Ralphasaurus of Kaiju Island, cementing her place as Queen of the Kaiju.

Sometimes uneasy allies, sometimes enemies, Badonkasaurus is a ‘frenemy’ to Giant Girl, and her greatest rival. Super-strong, durable and brilliant, she also possesses ‘nuclear breath’ much like her husband King Ralphasaurus.

Pussycat Kiss

AKA Carmen Delfuego

An organization that was always just a paramilitary cult that went leaderless in the early 90’s stumbled along until it was discovered by pop sensation Pussycat Kiss. As her fame grew, she managed to maneuver herself to be the central figure of the cult, and now she rules from her secret base in San Diego, California. With numerous ‘cat claw’ agents and a number of bizarre cat-themed henchmen, Pussycat Kiss is a marketing maven who is constantly recruiting more to her cause, profiting from her fans and generally bedeviling those she decides to ‘play’ with- including Giant Girl.

Prom Queen

AKA Ayesha Kerr

A native of Stilwell, Oklahoma, Ayesha is the granddaughter of Barbara ‘Bobbie Doll’ Morse and Rex ‘Major Catastrophe III’ Mason. As Bobbie was experimented on by the F’tuvians, her DNA was altered so that she could employ their devices. When Ayesha found a scepter in her attic when she was looking for prom accessories, the F’tuvian mass driver she found responded to her, and she bonded with it. Now she can use it to absorb the mass of what she strikes with it, converting it to strength, size and mass of her own.

Stupid, crazy and mean-spirited, she escaped custody of The Agency with her scepter and is currently making her way as an intergalactic mercenary.

White Rabbit

AKA Marissa Hooper

A paraplegic genius, Marissa made a fortune planning heists with precise timing for others. Eventually she became so wealthy that she could contract Steampunk Rock to craft her a robotic exosuit that made her look particularly lepine, while he also crafted her self-repairing and replicating bunny bots who respond to her commands. Said bunny bots who are all individual war machines when they are not looking like cute anthropomorphic rabbits with machine guns, that is.

Based off her own private mobile artificial island fortress that she maintains in international waters, White Rabbit still plans crimes for others, while she plots her revenge on Giant Girl for ruining her first outing as a supervillain. She maintains a contentious relationship with Pussycat Kiss, who sends Cat Claw troops to her island ever so often to test the Rabbit’s defenses and insure that she isn’t an easy mark. After all, Pussycat doesn’t have her own mobile floating island… yet.

Steampunk Rock

AKA Simon Blaghoff

A child of wealth and privilege, Simon had access to the finest school to learn his craft as a leading robotics expert, hailed as a genius in his field. He found meaning in ‘Anarchy in the UK’, devoted himself to the punk scene (out of style and fashion? No problem, that’s what anarchy is all about!). He famously sought the clues to the steampunk apparatus that Thomas Edison and HG Wells had built, which would open the portal atop the Empire State Building to reveal the secrets of space and time. Which was short-circuited by Giant Girl, who defeated his robot army as well as booting Wells and Edison’s time machine back into the timestream, without its pilots.

Currently held by The Agency, Blaghoff has refused all plea bargains to share his work with the ‘fascist bully boys’, and is biding his time until he can escape and put what he’s learned about time, space and The Agency to good use.