Making The Rounds

I love the idea that when Giant Girl disappears, everyone comes to 64 Bit for answers, for whatever reason they are seeking her. Grandpa, Pussycat, the Admiral, the Cosmonaut, the Agency, the Scholars and even Hero Man all grilling Stanley, while he clearly chose to visit Kaiju Island himself. It’s a bit of an illustration of how these people all intersect at Giant Girl.

The design of the Ultraman-esque character was a creation of one of our Patreon patrons. Thanks Danny! Biptoe lives, in all his snack food glory. And I love how King Ralphasaurus and Badonkasaurus look in this shot- monster royalty at it’s finest!


I will ALWAYS love any opportunity to draw monsters, and Badonkasaurus is probably still my favorite secondary character in the series, neck and neck with Lexii. Can’t wait to draw more of them.

The interrogation scene has been living in my imagination for a WHILE and it was a challenge to get it all in there in a fun and visually interesting way.




Issue 17 – Page 147