That Darn Witch

A lot of behind-the-scenes discussions went on about this page, a lot of it focused on Morgan’s bad behavior.

She sent along the toy hospital, so clearly sending along a change of clothes wouldn’t have been any trouble for her, either. Morgan warned Ronni about her coat, but didn’t bother to mention that she knows how Ronni has stuff shrunk down with dimensional anchors in her gloves, boots and costume dress. She just comments on the coat, then leaves the whole costume on the floor anyway.

To her credit, she does send Ali with a blanket for Ronni. But again, it could have been an entire suit of clothes. Hell, it could have been a duplicate of her costume. But nope, Morgan WANTED Ronni to arrive naked. In theory this was so that Ali could be a bit more chivalrous, but really, it was because she wants to rattle Ronni even more, getting her even more off-balance emotionally so she’ll lean on Ali that much harder.

Later in the book, Ronni comments that if you start making yourself smarter, you eventually lose touch with your humanity, and sentient life becomes an experiment to you. Morgan Chesterfield is living proof of that theory in action. It’s like poetry, it rhymes.

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This page is something of a first in the recreation of the opening of this storyline. It’s the first page where I am largely recreating what the previous series artist, Koen, had created. The original page used virtually the same layout and I incorporated art of the castle, rather than redrawing it from scratch.

As a result, I got to really play with the character acting and expressions, which was a lot of fun. Also, as my art of Ali’s magical wardrobe makes more clear, there was really no way he could have offered Ronni his cloak without dismantling his outfit, hence Sabrina rewriting it as a blanket. We had a LOT of fun putting that tartan pattern on it.



Issue 17 – Page 017