The Sacred and the Uncouth

Enter Britomart the Paladin, the shining holy warrior who will light our darkest hour. She’s tall, she’s regal, she’s virtuous… and a teensy bit full of herself. In this saga, I had to have some conflict built into the party. So Britomart is all rules and order, fully accustomed to everyone doing as she says, because she’s right and sensible and has God on her side.

As anyone who knows our titular character, we all know how this is going to play out…


Britomart is a VERY fun character to draw. I love playing with the haughty expressions and body language, though her ARMOR is very time-consuming to ink as it’s very detailed, and the reflections create what is called a lot of “line mileage”.

As we were working on the page, we joked back and forth about the idea that Ronni should have KNOWN the paladin would be important… she’s got her own spot color! 😉





While Page 24 is written and ready (as is the entire script, theoretically), we will be going on a 4-week summer hiatus for June, returning with a new page on July 12th.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Dee’s got a lot of balls in the air, and she needs a summer vacation, even a short one.

Not to leave you empty-handed, we have a short story in the can, another tale of Imperial Urth from the Lords of Law, Gods of Chaos strips. So we’ll run that to keep you folks entertained until we return with more Giant Girl Adventures.

Thanks for understanding, and we’ll still honor our pinup considerations for our adult entertainment tier patrons!


Issue 17 – Page 023