Setting The Stakes

Poor Harald is finally ready for his moment to shine, and his dice rolls fail him.

We’ve all been there.

In the original script, Harald’s death just kind of happened, and not a lot of note was taken of it. But this time around, I took advantage of the moment to set the stakes for our heroine. As she is not a native of the land of swords and sorcery, she’s not used to this kind of warfare. Harald getting pulverized will definitely set that tone for her, as we’ll explore next page.

But Karloff’s expression in that final inset panel is meant to convey a lot here. Yes, that man’s dead. Yes, these are the stakes. Yes, death has quite a sting here, and it is just as (if not more) permanent than it is back home.


We don’t use sound effects all that often, and I am a big part of that, as I will often argue against them unless they plus a scene well. THIS is a case where I so totally supported the liberal use of sound effects to highlight this somewhat sad death scene.

Poor what’s-his-face. Lol



Issue 17 – Page 043