You Get A Lifetime

This is one of those pages that very easily could have become two pages, because we cram a lot in. Harald’s death has a touch more gravitas now, and we still take a moment to make a few cracks about it.

Then we’re off to the day’s fighting, which we tell in fast forward montage. Which could have been a lot of interesting imagery and snapshots of moments that ended with the dramatic sunset. Coulda been a page unto itself.

But sometimes you want a dense page, where there’s a lot going on, yet you are storytelling with economy. And this was one of those times. We extended a lot of the original narrative, and often for space, because I did a lot of this- 2 pages in one. Small wonder I drove Koen crazy.

Having established Karloff’s effects later in the narrative, we can insert them to good effect here, and a little later down the line. Working backwards is extremely advantageous for this sort of continuity.


This page was amazingly fun to work on, and is a prime example of how Sabrina and I bounce ideas back and forth. As an artist, I’ll always look for places to add additional “business” to a sequence for added punch. We workshpped 2 specific gags here that weren’t in the original script, but I’ll let you all suss out just which ones. 😉



Issue 17 – Page 048