This world needs a Giant Girl

To me, this page pretty much speaks for itself, and Jhor’dhunn says it all. Of course, he also explains why Ronni using the alter reality power she ‘borrowed’ from him produced such catastrophic side effects when she used it, and offers her a little advice. I asked for a cosmic entity, and Dee delivered with her usual flair.

You gotta admit, he’s oddly fond of her. The reason for that will be explained in just a few more pages, so hang in there, dear readers…

Also, this world needs A Giant Girl. Which, as Displace has casually mentioned, there are more worlds, and more Giant Girls. But we’ll leave that can of worms for another day…


COSMIC!! I have to say, that I adore getting to play with all the cosmic fire and over-the-top Kirby Krackles that come off of Jhor’dhunn. It was tricky to make the dark swirls of eternity BRIGHT, but I hope it comes across properly.



Issue 17 – Page 156