The chanting of the cultists sells it for me as Hammerhead and Slothanar wreak havoc on the battlefield.

That classic ‘Run away!’ just resonates with everyone, I feel. In that moment, we are all cultists.


So, when we published the first page of this story, there was some discussion of whether the character was racist caricature.

While that was never the intention, we realized that intention is not supplanted by the perception of the audience.

Dee was on vacation, so we couldn’t address it then. But we heard you, and a simple change can make all the difference in the world.

If we have offended anyone with this offering, we apologize. We’ll do better, and make course corrections when we go wrong.

The archives are also changed, so hopefully this gets us back on course. Thanks for your patience, all.



Issue 17 – Page 168