The Haunted Mansion We Deserve

As a player, I’ve never really seen a proper haunted mansion that lived up to expectations, until Edgehill Manor. I’ve got reams of data on it, and it was a particular delight bringing it to life for this page with Dee’s spectacular artwork.

There are references and gags abounding on this page, and I’m going to leave it to you to seek them out and identify them, dear reader. But long and short, if Issue 17 inspires a game supplement, Edgehill Manor would get it’s own release. Created decades ago by my dear friend John Arnold, author and illustrator of the Lords of Law, Gods of Chaos strips we ran between these adventures, it is everything you could ever want out of a cool fantasy haunted mansion, as you can see from the glimpse of it here. And yes, what we’re describing here is drawn directly from that epic locale.

Also? Leave it to Dee when I say, “Can she be a Scottish noblewoman ghost directing the owlbears, as your rough makes it look like she’s wearing a tam-o-shanter?’ to deliver exactly that, clear to see even though she is essentially all negative lines. Yet another page where nearly every panel would be a splash or a 2-page spread in most comics, but for Dee, it’s just another page.

Also, give it up for the fearless pixie. This looks dangerous, and yet here she is, going it alone, braving ghosts, monsters and dangers aplenty in pursuit of her lost titan. For a wee girl, she’s pretty darned brave, got to give her credit.


This page was a beast to draw in regards to the time it took, but I am SOOOO happy with it all and am really glad we took the time to push everything. I had been wanting to implement this style of ghost rendering for YEARS and finally got the chance to see how it would work and in a VERY rare case, it turned out almost exactly how I saw it in my head.

Now I feel like I owe Kelley Jones royalties, though. lol



Issue 18 – PGA Page 4