Brigand of Time, Dimensions and Realities

How do you draw a spider to seem bemused? Here you have it.

I’m not saying a word about any of this. I’m just gonna let the art speak for itself, because it does so more than ably.


This page was a lot to work out, but a LOT of fun to figure out how to visualize. While there is a flow to the sequence if you follow Lexii through the webs/panel borders, it’s also a sequence you can follow however you see fit without altering the story in any way. Plus, it was a lot of fun to not only draw Lexii getting progressively more physically taxed with each adventure, but to homage everything we did.

And, for the record, I seriously considered having our pointing space… engine fixer… missing a finger for… reasons. lol



Issue 18 – PGA Page 6