This is one of those pages where I genuinely feel that the art and the writing were in perfect synthesis.

Dee and I collaborate quite a bit throughout the process, make no mistake. I write the scripts, sometimes with input from her, then she draws the roughs (without more input from me, because we discovered that doesn’t work) then we come together. From that point on it is always a collaborative process of her envisioning the action, with me making requests and tweaks, often inspired by her ideas. Case in point- that heart-shaped panel was one I asked for, but then she added some hearts to it. Which in turn inspired me to ask her to fill the background with line art hearts, which Dee worked out, and produced what we see here. Above and beyond my expectations, as usual.

We’ll jigger where the dialogue goes, how it is presented, and so forth. Dee’s artistic genius and style are a known commodity, so it is easy for me to determine where and what to ask for. On this page, she had to sell all the emotion of the scene, and as per usual, she came through like a champion.

Point being, this was one where I knew who I was writing the scene for, and I knew how it would turn out before ink ever touched a page. Writing for an artist’s strengths can be incredibly liberating, and I think you can see it all come together on this page. Because this is a page we’re really proud of, because it shows what a good team we are when we’re in our element.


To add to what Sabrina’s said, this page was also one of the QUICKER pages to be completed from start to finish, art-wise. And while a part of that is that there’s really no background to speak of, I also REALLY just love drawing these two characters and had a genuine joy in creating the art here.

The script was so filled with potential and playfulness, that I pounced on it. This is a rare page where, artistically, I’m still very happy with how it all came together.



Issue 18 – PGA Page 9