Hey, we know her!

Can’t talk about Danger Team 7 without bringing up Giant Girl. All the members were powerful in their own way, but none was as high-profile as Giant Girl. Property damage gets you remembered forever.

As for the aliens, they’re, well, alien. But those vehicle forms look pretty swell, don’t they?



Ok. All cards on the table? I kinda started out as a fanboy for the Giant Girl Adventures strip. I know that the book is epic and has several issues behind itself, in order to supplement what’s going to happen moving forward. Having said that, I was a LOT unsure of myself here. I mean, I was drawing Ronni.

I get it, she’s only on the page in passing, but still. I’m glad I got a chance to offer my version of her and do her legacy justice.

Let’s not discount the fact that I’m introducing 3 other members of the team on this page (Kolob Xenu, Displace and Transformus) and doing a pretty good job of squeezing some effective storytelling into the panels.



Issue 19 – Page 009