Comes… The Criminal Commonwealth!

This is a villain group I’ve had on the line for years that I just haven’t had the chance to introduce. But in this particular flashback, it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase them just a tad, to point out that they exist.

One of these days I might even get to do a story with them! Dare to dream!


Oh yeah, was THIS page fun! The script called for some visual challenges, in order to move it along, but I’d like to think that I rose to meet them. There was the underwater hotel scene, as Ronni tans in the ocean. There was the scene of her passed out in the shipyard, knocking over containers and what have you.

THEN there was the Criminal Commonwealth. I adored drawing a take on a group of criminals that have their own oil portrait hanging up somewhere.

Of course, we see all of these as memories from 64’s experiences, which tend to make them slightly skewed and definitely personal to him. Just wait until we see the NEXT page!



Issue 19 – Page 012