Commercials abound on the radio as Betty heads back to work again. Koen snuck our 2015 Christmas card in there like the Angelyne billboard, and if you haven’t checked out the Disturbed cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ do so, trust me. Haunting. Yup, when the homeless guy’s cart is still there that’s not a good sign. When his clothes are in it that’s a worse sign. Once again, my old 1981 Ford Escort is faithfully rendered as Betty’s beater. I still see those on the road, but not often. Those head gaskets were cheap and gave or those thin aluminum heads cracked in quite a few instances. The security camera outline in the last panel is a neat device I think, but the eyes of the clown in the poster are what really sets this page off to me- harmless and flat one second, following disapprovingly in the next.

Issue 14 – Page 14