Weaver of the Webs Of Time

The script called for the Iron Doom to be delighted at Lexii’s offering, and I had the idea that given how fearsome his face was on last page, it would somehow be comically apt that underneath that fierce battle mask he was just an excited fat kid over his lollipop. I know it’s a big tonal shift, but darned if it doesn’t make me laugh every time. We describe those lips as ‘Larson face’, as it is definitely a cartoon expression impressed into our minds by the masterful Gary Larson of The Far Side comic fame.

The streaking stars that form the webs, the cosmic spider who weaves them with his eyes forming the vanishing point, and the infinity symbol on his abdomen all came together to sell this one for me. As one might have gathered from my work, I do love spiders, and this is the third unique arachnid I’ve asked of Dee since we started working together. Each is unique, and with Tokka, as he will need to be expressive, he gets big furry John Houseman eyebrows to go with his furry form.

Note how every point of contact his legs have on his web, branches extend from that point. It’s those little details that you gotta love.


The Iron Doom is a cartoon marshmallow, and I am so nonsensically happy at how that turned out. I really am. As for Tokka, Sabrina regularly points out how GLAD she is that I’m NOT overtly arachnophobic. Lol. Honestly, I kind of love drawing Spiders, so this is a lot of fun for me.

This page also required a lot of special effects to be created in “post” that I was worried I wouldn’t pull off cleanly, but like the ghost glow last page, it all came out fairly well, I think.



Issue 18 – PGA Page 5