Strength Vs Speed

How do warriors get to know one another? They spar!

Throughout the narrative, the big slow guy with the big 2-handed sword and the little guy with all the weapons employed at once will be seen paired up together quite often. R’Lithon even uses Smoke as a battle platform, hanging out on the big guy’s shoulder, as his weight doesn’t faze Smoke at all.

This is the scene where they take the other’s measure, and test their mettle. A short but sweet little fight that you know goes on a bit more from here, but this establishes who they are, and how they will relate to one another.


This was fun, but challenging to draw. Action combat isn’t a thing that comes as naturally to me artistically as a good scene of conversation, so I took a little extra thinking to keep everything flowing smoothly.  I did love the idea of R’Lithon on the sword, which gave me the idea to have the smoke that comes off the blade wisping around him.



Issue 17 – Page 036