Can you hear the banjoes?


Comes the dawn, and Britomart kneels and prays, first prostrating herself before it, then embracing the first rays of light, the dawn of a new day. While her outstretched hands make a play between light and shadow, giving her angel wings.

Then the god of illumination gives Britomart flashes of the past, and of things to come, in regards to the titan with whom she travels. Which is interrupted by that great Paladin standy, the detect evil ability.

Dirk Swann, the hardworking everyman of the quest, there with the tackle save for Ali Kazaam, as the hillbilly giants attack!

To Be Continued…

Dee needs time off before the last push through these pages to finish the story, and thus the sprawling 175 page book we’ve been cranking out for the past few years. I considered holding this page back, but better to end on a cliffhanger, and remind you of why you came here in the first place.

We’re going on hiatus for the holidays, and we expect to be back in January. From there we’ll get through this story, to hook up the old stuff with the new stuff, and make this one very large cohesive work.

We’ll keep up on our pin-up obligations, because you folks support us through thick and thin, and we appreciate you. And if we have doodles or whatnot we’ll share them, likely on the Patreon.

Thanks for sticking around and supporting our work, folks. We love hearing from you, and we love talking about the comic with you. Thanks for being fans of our stories.

Sabrina & Dee




Issue 17 – Page 042