Double Back Again

With the conclusion of this episode of Pixie Girl Adventures, we’re going to take a short break. We’ll be taking the holidays off to rebuild our buffer a bit. With that said, we’re going to be going backward for a while when we resume.

The beginning of issue 17, Giant Girl Against the Giants, was originally drawn by Koen, who was the steady artist on the book until page 35. While his production designs are brilliant and will remain a part of the book, as we will be going to print with this volume, we want to have artistic continuity.

So when we return from this break, Dee will be redrawing (and in some cases restructuring) those first 30-odd pages. For those of you who have already read those pages, we realize this will be something of a retreading of old ground. Unfortunately, Dee can only draw so fast, so we can’t get that done while forging ahead with new storylines.

With that said, we’ll be starting over at the revised beginning of issue 17, and moving forward from there until we’ve finally got those early pages recreated. To our fans, we ask this indulgence that you stick with us and enjoy Dee’s take on the beginning of the story. It will be confusing for new fans, but it’s got to be done.

Giant Girl Adventures will return on January 6th, 2023!



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