Follow the Dotted Line to ADVENTURE!

Dee had specific ideas of how she wanted this laid out, and while I asked for a few changes, I’m so glad she had a solid concept for this shot. The map in the background got a bit more complex as we went, but I love that it parallels the background of the website, which has a similarly antiqued map of Earth. Well, except for the cool names of the locales.

I have to admit, I love these characters and this story. We’re rebooting it to get all the art consistent, so this can be a self-contained book that new readers will be able to enjoy without knowing all the backstory. I think as a cover this is a perfect introduction to it. It sets the mood and expectations, showcases our black and white with spot color style, and introduces all of these characters, who are all in their element here, showcasing who they are.

I’m excited for the next phase of this project, and the pages yet to come!


Swinging back from the end of the story, it was fun to draw the fantasy crew again. I wanted to try and evoke a kind of “Drew Struzan” vibe to the image with the character balanced against the map.

Balancing the figures with so many characters was a challenge, but also one that I think came out well.



Issue 17 – Cover 001