Left Hangin

When the menace is more than you think you can handle and you’re pretty sure it’s an alien supercriminal, you call a cop. Shirva’s Dimensional Displacer is an irresistible force that pulls the target into a void dimension, from which there is no escape. Judge, jury and jailer all in one chromed-out caped carapace.

Love the digitizing weapons. When I saw Dee drew them coming into being from the furthest point out and digitizing toward his hand, I thought the reverse, the ‘holstering’ of the weapon as it disintegrates would look nifty here.


We always try to make sure that each page has a sense of completion as what it is, and here, it’s ending on a fun little gag to lead you to the next page, which I had a lot of fun with. It’s the kind of comedy acting that allows me to stretch my “humor comic strip” chops with Ronni’s changing expression and more deflated body language in the last panel.

I can say that while our alien menace had a cool design, I’m glad we portaled him away quickly, as all those crystals took forever to draw. lol




Issue 17 – Page 002