This is me leaving

There has been a lot of dialogue leading up to the page, and Ronni really has been on her best behavior in dealing with the witch. But she’s got her limits, and Morgan has surpassed them with her scorn and condescension- almost as if that’s part of her plan. After all, she doesn’t have to convince Ronni, she has a much more solid plan in place to motivate her to go on this adventure.

Plus this is the first page where we get to see the witch genuinely surprised by something- she didn’t expect a comprehensive answer to her question from Giant Girl, yet there it is.

DEE’S NOTES I liked setting up panel one like a chess match, with the characters facing off, with all the light sources in the middle of the room. I thought it was a nice way to do something a smidge different than the shots we’ve been seeing.

Also, had to remember at the last second to FLOP the part in Ronni’s hair for her reflection. Heh Heh



Issue 17 – Page 012