Big-Time Witchcraft

The plastic house, the sense of direction… and the witch never does say just what that third gift will be, but we’ll all find out when we get to the musical number.

In the edits for this one, first I swapped lines around, then I swapped panels around, because I was interrupting my own story flow. Once again, being involved with the art gives me a lot of input into the creative process, and oftentimes the story flow greatly benefits from me being able to see how it works on the page, and seeing where I could make changes for the better.

I think most professional comics writers just commit it to the page and that’s that. So I know just how fortunate I am in that regard. Also quite grateful that Dee is indulgent about it. But as she’s pointed out, it’s never an arbitrary change- if I ask for something, it’s because I think it will improve the story. And I listen when she offers her insight.

Team effort, but the results are always better.

Morgan’s getting her big witchy mojo on here, and I have been eagerly awaiting this page. And it did not disappoint.


Sabrina asked me to go full Phoenix, so I went full frickin’ Phoenix, and it was a LOT of fun to draw for that big money shot of Morgan. As always, the page has a lot going on and a lot of panels, but we always work to make them dynamic, exciting and… most importantly… not FEEL like a 9-panel page. I think we pulled it off.

The magical effects were well established in the ending, so it was a matter of keeping it consistent as we came back around to the beginning. But one main detail was that, when Morgan flipped her $#!+ on Ali at the end, she looked more distorted and “evil witchy”, and we mirrored that here. As she opens up the really BIG magic, it shows.



Issue 17 – Page 016