I’ll Get You My Pretty

I’ll be honest- I wanted to give Dee a little breathing room and an easy page, as she works kind of non-stop. Plus I liked the idea of showing that Morgan is definitely keeping an eye on Ronni and Ali throughout their adventure on Urth. While we seldom do full-page spreads unless it’s high drama, I deliberately asked for this one to be more of a pin-up image, as we’ll probably use it as promotional material later.

That fancy border is actually the wallpaper of Witching Hill, which was too small for you to really see the details of when we used it in the house. But Dee designed it and I really liked it, so I specifically asked for her to include it here as a framing element.

Stryper, of course, violates the panel border, because he’s a cat.



Issue 17 – Page 018