Not imaginary, invisible!

Enter Lexii the Pixie, who will go on to be quite important in Ronni Kane’s life.

You can tell Dee loves drawing the pixie, because it shines through in every panel.

Is Giant Girl fighting giants irony or tragedy? I honestly don’t know.


YES, I could not WAIT for Lexii’s return as, Sabrina is correct- I ADORE drawing the wee one. She is a manic whirlwind of energy on the page that lets me go nuts and bring a lot of cartoony energy and dynamic posing.

As a wonderful reverse of it, Ronni is largely deadpan for a lot of their interaction here, which makes for a great juxtaposition. And yes, eagle-eyed readers will realize that we creatively LOVE to “rhyme” with certain panels.




Issue 17 – Page 025