Test your might- fight!

I always seem to be learning lessons doing this series, and this page was no exception. I had revised the script quite a while ago to not break up this sequence, and make it a little less assaultive, a bit more ‘barbarian mating ritual’. And when Dee laid out this page and the next, I realized my pacing sucked. Too much on this page, not enough on the other.

Which I didn’t realize until I saw it all laid out on the pages.

Someday, assuming I get a chance to work with other creators and write scripts that I won’t be so closely involved with, I won’t be able to see and recognize these issues, so hopefully I will have learned how to work with the ‘real estate of the page’, as the old man put it.

Meanwhile, enjoy our boy Leonitas trying out his best barbarian come-on, and discovering that the lady titan doesn’t have to get the size of a mountain to kick his ass.

Side note? The sound effect in panel 3 came from one of my frequent typos, as I was trying to write ‘shading’. I commented that it looked like a sound effect, Dee jumped on it and now it’s canon.




Issue 17 – Page 032