The Right Thing To Do

To his credit, Ali asks a pretty reasonable question- if it is all predestined, why fight?

Britomart’s answer, while couched in some phrasing that elaborates on her philosophy, is simple- because it’s the right thing to do. Which in turn has Ali contemplating the life he’s led, and what he’s been doing with it.

So that the next time a woman throws herself his way for sex, he’s going to be feeling guilty, like someone who is a much better person than he is watching, and judging him. Someone whose opinion of him is suddenly meaning more and more to him, which makes him defensive, angry and uncomfortable.

Love will do that to you, as we illustrated kind of on the nose with that arrow through the heart. Because in panels 5 and 6, that’s it, he’s done for. He’s in love.

Which sets up the next page…


Throughout the narrative, Britomart has proven great skill at being bossy, judgmental and occasionally insufferable.

BUT, she is also EXTREMELY sincere, and when she says these things, she means them. Later on, she will apply more and more of this to Ronni, who will start to hear it and listen as well, but I have been looking forward to getting to do this early sequence to set the groundwork or that.

Here, she’s affecting ALI and changing HIS path with nothing more than the light she shines to show a different way, and it was a fun challenge to show that in a more grounded way than what was originally drawn.



Issue 17 – Page 038