It’s FINE.

It’s never ‘fine’.

Remember, Ali’s teleportation spell has him saying “Now you see me, now-” then he vanishes, to show up at his destination, saying “You don’t” and having it somehow always fit into the conversation where he lands. Kane chooses to mock that here, because she’s hoping it’s clever and cutting.

Britomart is at first unaware, then becomes aware of the new peril in which she finds herself- part of a love triangle she never sought nor desired. For Britomart, it has also been a long day, one of many lessons and trials.


Ronni turning away from the fire was done, artistically, VERY much on purpose as the scene starts out with a LITTLE bit of shadowing on her and get progressively darker as the page continues. She’s hurt, but doesn’t want it to show, and that was a lot of fun to visualize.

I also love using Lexii as Ronni’s emotional Greek chorus, reacting to whatever’s happening in the page. And while Sabrina requested Leo being topless… I did set that fire up in front of his crotch VERY much on purpose. Take from that and the shocked glances what you will. lol




Issue 17 – Page 040