Confession Time

Continuing from the previous page, Stanley once again calls Ronni out on her bullshit. And the difference here is that she finally admits it. See, she’s coming around to a larger decision and a fundamental shift in how she does things. But as she puts it out there, she still can’t help but make it about herself. Which shows that she’s grown up some, but still has a long way to go.

GamePit Stanley FTW, as well as a cameo of OG GG.


Another page where my love of visual “acting” gets put to good use. I really enjoyed the three-panel “confession” sequence that took advantage of proportion and space to really drag out the time. Plus, CAMEOS and Patreon patron’s aplenty!

The lightning bolt was specifically drawn to look different from the ones we did for Stratonimbus, with no random mini-tendrils of electricity branching off. This was a controlled and concentrated “bolt from the blue”.



Issue 17 – Page 146