Sorry for the super powers

If you inflict super powers on someone to get them to follow you around and bail you out, it seems logical that eventually you have to offer an apology for that when you do come clean. So, in the spirit of starting to make things right with the world, Ronni starts with her best friend, and finds he’s pretty forgiving, all things considered.

Hooray, flashback panel! Because it never gets old watching Prom Queen catch on fire.


The idea of the flashback panels is two-fold, really. Of course, it helps make a talkin-head scene a LOT more interesting to read, but also… c’mon. That was a LITERAL blast to draw! Prom Queen is just a joy to draw and getting to play with Stanley’s power visuals is great.

Ronni biting her bottom lip with her hand up there is a thing I absolutely acted out at my chair, taking pictures of myself with my phone, and no. You cannot see them. 😛



Issue 17 – Page 148