Issue 17 – Page 56

As we saw on last page, Britomart the Paladin comes up with a sound plan, using the resources at hand to create a plan that has good odds of success, and in a conventional party would probably work well.

With Giant Girl around, 'conventional' is a bit out the window.

Sure, she could have played by the rules and gone along with the plan, but that was a lot of time and effort she really sees as wasted, when she can just beat the local giants in a few simple actions. Giants respect strength, and the strongest are in charge. Ronni has picked up on this, and uses it to her advantage here. She's bigger, she's stronger, and she is more than willing to demonstrate it to end the conflict quickly.

Linear thinking. A straight line.

Keep an eye on the maul the Hillbilly Giant Chief is holding there in Panel 10, as you'll be seeing more of it in the coming pages.

I totally own that I stole 'fancy pants' from Ash Williams.

Panel 7 is still one of my all time favorite panels of the comic. I <3 it.