Issue 17 – Page 65


Beyond that, I'ma let the art speak for itself here. Hopefully her thought process leading her to this moment is clear, and her character arc leading to this moment is not that surprising. This is indeed a turning point, but one of a few in this story.

Dee's notes: This was in the original script as just one panel of a different page, with more going on on it. But the more I read the script, the more I thought this sequence REALLY needed a big moment like this where we gave it all the weight and drama that it demanded. Splash pages work great in print comics, but online, we are of the mind that it needs to be something REALLY, REALLY epic to justify its use, and this certainly qualified and I hope the results speak for themselves.

We wanted something akin to that moment in the DARK PHOENIX saga with the alien Broccoli people looking up in terror as Phoenix ate their sun, destroying their world. I'm hoping we achieved what we were going for. <3

To set up the sense of scale, we used a few tricks but eschewed the selective blurring so as to not obscure Ronni in the shot. So instead, we set the "camera" in the crowd of poor Goblins so we could see their panic close up. Then a gradual reduction in the size of the foreground figures into buildings leading to Ronni herself.

One of my favorite details is the falling chunk of mountain with a dozen or so trees on it, still.