The Heart Wants What It Wants

The first point of this page is that Lexii consults not with the sorceress, not with the warlock nor the paladin, but with the bard to find the answer to her dilemma. Because she knows Dirk’s always got an idea, and the well-educated traveler is the one she turns to for an impossible answer to a cosmic riddle.

Again, she shows her seldom-witnessed vulnerability, and just how much this means to her, which tugs at the heart strings. Then she offsets that with a little violence and lust and rage, because they had a deal, dammit, and she wants her payment.

Clearly that’s the only reason. Clearly.

She would have grabbed him by the lapels, but somehow grabbing him by his pointy beard was both more logical and far funnier. That last line was one I struggled with, rewriting it half a dozen times, and honestly, it’s one that I think would work better if spoken by an actor, but seems to fall a bit flat to my eye in print. Fortunately, once again, the art carries it.


Like last page, this page takes lexii’s emotional mercurialness and cranks the volume up to 11.

I love drawing her more cartoony expressiveness and constant hovering. It’s always a tricky balance to have Lexii in these conversations, however, since getting a close up on HER as is often required in the script, requires the OTHER person to loom HUGE behind her.




Issue 18 – PGA Page 3