Money! Travel! Irresponsibility!

I think that sums it up, really. On a mission, they are pros! Off mission? Menaces 2 society, yo.


The pages are getting better for all of us, yeah? The visual storytelling is getting more polished and you’re able to envision more of Sabrina’s fantastic writing with the pictures I’m putting down?

Of course!

Now, with THIS page, it becomes a lot more understandable as to how Stanley’s Danger Team drifted apart. I mean, in the real world, you get folks who experience some pretty intense lifestyles and become adrenaline junkies, right?

They chase after the thrill of the next high stakes, winner takes all situation, and when that’s all done? They crash. Here we see the highs of a world saving super team, and the lows.

After all, you can’t be on the clock ALL the time, am I right?



Issue 19 – Page 011