Hailing a cab, Giant Girl style

Part of the fun of this comic happening (at least partially) in the real world is that we get to use real-world locales for the backdrop. Since the Witch of Washington lives in Queen Anne, this was a great way to showcase a bit of the Emerald City. And when meeting someone while riding air currents into town, what better place to meet than on the pier?

Stanley Hope, aka 64 Bit, choose to wander around as a literal 64-bit non-actionable parody character because as a living polygonal cartoon, he’s easy to spot, even from the air. Ronni, of course, is the lady in red, the outfit which screams ‘lookit me’, so he knew she’d find him and he would know when she arrived.

Longtime readers might note that he’s considerably pudgier here than 5 years later, and that’s very intentional. There’s something very wrong with his life, although he hasn’t put it all together yet. I definitely wanted an external manifestation of this visible so we can see how much happier he is later.

Notice the citizenry all looking very nervous around the living walking talking disaster waiting to happen. Giant Girl’s reputation preceded her.

DEE’S NOTES (Page 6)

I love the idea of Ronni shifting her size and mass to glide on air currents and had a lot of fun drawing that. Plus, SUPERHERO LANDING for the win!

Near the end of this story, we show Stanley’s application of his powers only twice, but we worked out the idea of the shifting voxels to visualize it. And, like every time I’ve drawn it, I only ever shadow his transformed versions with more solid gray, rather than the faux-duotone effect for everything else. The idea being is that no matter HOW realistic the game character he becomes, it will always look somewhat unreal in an uncanny valley way.

The script featured him waiting transformed into a plumber of nondescript appearance, and I added the idea of him taking advantage of that to take selfies with the locals like he was a cosplayer in Times Square. It’s what I would do with that power at least HALF the time!



Issue 17 – Page 006