Dare you enter- an EC Comic?!?

Dee was just finishing some additional shadows I had asked for in a few spots when she remarked that as soon as Ronni and Stanley passed through that gate, they were suddenly in an EC comic. Had to agree.

Witching Hill, in all its rambling, Winchester mansion-esque glory. Islands floating with gates and stepping stones leading out to them, all hanging in the cosmic shadowy dimension of wonder and crackle. You can even see the projection from that amazing pentacle window on the checkerboard marble floor. Really impressive work on Dee’s part with this page’s backgrounds overall.

It all feels a bit epic as our heroine casually strolls into it, I think.

Then once inside, the haunted house atmosphere gets turned up slowly, as the witch clearly embraces her aesthetic. And to her credit, she does have a very cool house. Library shelves for days.

And we get our first good look at the Witch of Washington, who’ll offer a proper introduction as we move along


If you can’t tell I have a deep and abiding love of both Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Mansion from this page, I don’t know what else I can DO! Lol.

It’s fun to get to come back around to the beginning and draw Morgan again in her big, creepy, extradimensional abode. Lots of fun with shadow placement and mood. Plus, a nice ‘ZOINKS!’ moment when the door opens on them.

The backgrounds took a while, to be sure, but it was important to establish the mood we wanted to press.



Issue 17 – Page 008