And so on and so forth

I love how Morgan is so blase about the war between light and darkness, which illustrates exactly what her perspective is on all of it. A little prophetic vision or two in the teacup- I mean, why not make yourself a scrying teacup to save you from having to spellcast?

The comedic overreaction of 64 is something I forget I used to do with him from time to time, and it’s nice to get back to it. Turns out it was in the original script, so I kept it on the revision.

If you’ve read the story, you know just how accurate the witch is being here, while still speaking in vagaries and what seems like just general concepts. Once again illustrating that effective communication is apparently not that easy for the dramatic old know-it-all. Although given that her goal is winding up our heroine to piss her off, she is effective, I feel.


This page was both fun to do, and artistically a way to catch up as I’ve been sick of late and have fallen a smidge behind. We took advantage of existing art to FORESHADOW what Ronni will be facing, but hopefully made it look really cool in the process.

It took a little back and forth to figure out how to do the ripples in the tea, but I like how the effect came out.



Issue 17 – Page 011